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Based on 52 reviews
Not cost effective for hard water unfortunately

These sheets smell gorgeous and so I had high hopes for them, but unfortunately I live in a hard water area and we need to use 2 sheets per wash which unfortunately makes them very expensive.

Convenient and Good!

I love these little sheets of power! So easy to use and store. Lovely smell but above all great cleaning ability!


Perfect to take on holiday, May now start using them at home. I will write more after fully tested in home laundry.

Brilliant idea

Eco friendly and good product. Would definitely recommend. So much easier than the laundry powders .

Just love these, so handy. Will not use anything else.

24 All-in-One | Spring Florals Laundry Sheets


They smell nice in the packet and that's it. Once the clothes came out of the wash and were dry the smell was gone.

I am Happy.

Have been working my way through most of the laundry sheets on sale. Most have been acceptable but l keep striving to find a product that is manufactured in UK to cut down on air miles. So Wablu is the one for me.

Great product & fantastic service

We’ve been using the sensitive laundry sheets for several months now and are really pleased with them. Effective cleaning, easy to use & take up very little space in the cupboard.
Great responsive customer service too.

Like the product but...

Not my first time ordering the laundry sheets, but also not the first time I've had trouble with my order.
This time I was sent a 'Spring florals' when I ordered an unscented.
I emailed the company and they apologised and said they'd send out an unscented pack. I never received this.
I love the product but the service could be improved.

Clean, clean and clean

Clean clothes, Wablu Sheets do the job perfectly and is working out cheaper too.

Clean product as a nice smooth sheet you put on top of clothes in the drum, with no mess, fiddly unwrapping, or gloopy washing machine drawer to clean afterwards.

Clean conscience as doing my tiny bit for our planet.

Great cleaning, no mess

cleaned well, no mess

Great product

No more polluting plastic detergent bottles or tubs. Nice gentle perfume. Only downside is it is better to separate them before storage.

Lovely bracelets

Loved by recipients who were also impressed by information cards. Proud to give them as gifts

Really Good Fragrance free - Laundry Sheets

Not very much odour- the least odour I can find after trying many different sheets etc. cleans Nicely also . Great value for money


Love these laundry sheets. Clean exceptionally well, smell good without being overpowering, tick all the sustainability boxes. Perfect.


Love these, clean washing, smells lovely.
So pleased as I have tried far too many different brands with little success. These will be my regular washing sheets now. Thank you WABLU. 🥰

Smells nice

Used for first time on a lightly soiled wash: all looks clean and has a slight perfume. So many laundry strips leave no scent (I like a scent in newly washed clothes) or leave residue on the machine door: so far so good!

So happy

This is my second order and I just LOVE the product - easy to use, a subtle abs lovely fragrance, and a great wash irrespective of temperature.


Love these clean clothes, smells amazing. I will be subscribing to these. Just love them 😁

Love, love, love them!

Love the sheets and love the company! Speedy delivery, outstanding product!


I am happy to use a great product that washes very well without toxins and 0 environmental damage.

Wanly what a fabulous product 😀

So easy, so good and so clean 🎉

Totally Amazing Result...

For a few months past I had developed a horrible allergy to substances unknown. Severe rash and almost unbearable itching. (Age 68, I am susceptible to such things). Cut out all the obvious, dairy, wheat, tomatoes etc... just got worse. Long story short, ordered Wablu laundry product as I thought it may be our regular detergent. Almost OVERNIGHT a masive improvement after sleeping in bed linen washed in this amazing product.

Thank you so much The Wablu Team..!!!