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Switch to laundry detergent sheets with natural enzymes, biodegradable ingredients and plastic free packaging – Cleaning doesn’t have to be dirty!

Great performance, just in a sheet!

The Future

Of Laundry

WABLU u character holding laundry detergent sheet

It’s all in the sheet

Little sheets of amazing-ness! Okay, so it’s a sheet but it packs a punch.

Simply pop it in the machine

Each sheet weighs approx. 4g, there’s only room for the good stuff.

WABLU U character holding a blue tshirt

Then add laundry

It really is that easy! The sheets dissolve completely in water, leaving nothing behind. No microplastics.

reasons you'll

love us

Reduce plastic waste with every pack purchased!

Better For You

Better For Your Clothes

Better For the Planet

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

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