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Ingredients / Composition

Product: WABLU Fragrance sheets (Spring Forals & Very Berry)
Ingredients: Anionic surfactants (>30 %), Natural Enzyme (subtilisin), parfum [contains hexyl cinnamaldehyde,2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl) propionaldhyde, d-limonene, coumarin] Fragrance (Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamyl, Benzyl Salicylate)

Product: WABLU – Fragrance Free
Ingredients: >30 % anionic surfactants

All products are FREE FROM Phosphates, Preservatives, Palm Oil & bleaching agents.

100%! WABLU sheets are completely safe when used as laundry detergent. All ingredients are biodegradable. Each sheet dissolves completely in water. 

All our products have undergone Industry-standard lab testing and analysis. Our products are not tested on animals and definitely not sold in countries that require animal testing. Independent regulators concluded that WABLU products perform as well as leading competitor laundry detergent brands.

The material used for the manufacture of the Laundry Sheets is a film made out of polyvinyl alcohol. Completely safe and 100% water soluble and biodegradable, containing NO microplastics. Our Laundry Sheets are 100% better for the planet than capsules, pods and other washing gimmicks. 

No. WABLU products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

Our products are designed and developed in Scotland, then assembled in our UK and E.U. partner distribution centres. 

All our sheets are hypoallergenic, so much better for your skin. For sensitive skin we recommend using our WABLU Sensitive wash which is Fragrance Free. We would advise all customers to test the product first – everyone is different.

Absolutely not. None of our products contain any of the above. We started WABLU to eliminate these!😊

No, there is no need for any of the WABLU range of products to carry the aquatic life warning. Our products are below the threshold necessary to disclose this warning sign. However, it is a legal obligation in the UK to carry the sign on packaging for any concentrated detergent.

The corrosive warning is an EU legal requirement for ALL concentrated soaps and detergents.

Our formulation is incredibly concentrated as they contain very little water to minimise CO2 transport emissions. Its this concentration that puts them under specific EU label requirements.

If we diluted them down (like many other liquids with fillers) they would not fall into this category – you would however have to use more liquid per wash and our carbon footprint would increase.

Once they are diluted in your machine and further still back out in the environment, they are not classified as a hazard.

The warning on the label acts as an instruction should there be a serious / undiluted / concentrated exposure to the environment whereby a large quantity enters the waterways, for example as the result of an industrial accident. This warning is based on a very unlikely scenario.

Any detergents used within a household are firstly diluted in the washing machine, then by waste water and sewage, and finally all grey water is treated in a water treatment plant before finally being discharged into a river or sea, where it is diluted further still – so the risk at this point is negligible. The EA monitors all water that is reintroduced back into our waterways extremely stringently.

No. WABLU laundry sheets have been formulated in such a way as to be used even in hard water without any adverse effects.


Simply place the WABLU Laundry sheet at the bottom of the empty machine drum and then add your laundry.

Use 1 laundry sheet per normal load in a standard drum (up to 5kg), or 2 laundry sheets for larger drums over 6.5kg or for really dirty washing. Always handle laundry sheets with dry hands [They dissolve very quickly, part of their charm]. 

Do not overfill your machine. Leave a hand space at the top of the drum to allow the contents of the laundry sheet to disperse evenly. Always store out of reach of children.

You can, but you don’t need to! Simply pop the WABLU Laundry Sheet in with your wash and let the magic happen.

We’d always advise you to follow washing instructions in accordance with clothing labels. WABLU products are not suitable for use on wool or silk garments.

WABLU products can be used at various temperatures from as low as 20C. Always wash according to garment instructions.

We’d recommend one laundry sheet per normal load in a regular machine (drum size up to 5kg). Some customers use one sheet for a full load and this works for them. It really depends on how dirty your washing is!

For larger drum sizes or really dirty washing, we’d recommend you use 2 laundry sheets per load. 

To avoid discoloration, we advise that you follow manufacturers guidelines and always separate your lights and darks. Just like mum always said. Our all-in-one laundry sheets will clean both light and dark clothes effectively. 

If you or a member of your family have particularly sensitive skin, you may wish to try our WABLU Fragrance-Free laundry detergent leaf. This is hypoallergenic and kind to the most delicate of skins.

If you would like to, of course. We find you don’t always need to,especially with the all-in-one sheet. Always follow washing instructions in accordance with clothing labels.

Of course. Sheets are amazing at hand washing! You get to watch the sheet disappear!  Always wash according to garment instructions..

Of course. Air-drying is more eco-friendly and saves energy but time is precious. Always follow washing instructions in accordance with clothing labels.

Yes. Our laundry sheets can be used on any colour wash. You may wish to separate your colours and wash whites separately – always read the care label. 

This is one of the great things about sheets. Yes, WABLU laundry sheets are suitable for homes with septic tanks.


All WABLU packaging is 100% plastic free, (carefully selected) certified cardboard and easily recyclable.

We review or sourcing, in line with the lowest environmental impact every-time we replenish our stock. When shipping large orders, we sometimes re-use outer packaging to minimise waste. It’s good for the environment.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable. Please refer to local recycling schemes. 

WABLU packs are designed to be small and lightweight so they are easy to store. Keep your WABLU packs in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and away from water! Always store out of reach of children.


A typical laundry detergent brand sells you 90% water. Not us. Shipping water around the country doesn’t make sense. So, we have cut it out. WABLU Laundry sheets are concentrated detergent sheets, you will add the water when you start the wash and because we’re not shipping water around the country, sending just one truck of WABLU sheets to a supermarket is the equivalent of 12 trucks of a leading competitor brand.

We just need to convince the big supermarkets to start stocking laundry sheets instead of big plastic containers, water and some detergent!😊

One of the best reasons to start using Laundry sheets, is they are 100% biodegradable and dissolve into a safe, harmless solution. There are no microplastic residues deposited in the oceans (well not from the detergent, you may want to look at fabrics). This was very important to us and one of the main considerations when formulating our sheets. Our sheets are both 100% water soluble and biodegradable.


We do not hold stock of our laundry Sheets in our office to make this possible. Our stock is held at our distribution provider. We are working on building a retail network! Watch this space.

Our ordering system runs automatically. Directly after your order, your order is forwarded to our shipping service provider and prepared for shipping. A cancellation of your order is therefore usually only possible shortly after receipt of your order.

In this case, please send us an email immediately to and we’ll try our best to help.

You can easily redeem your vouchers and discount codes in the last step of the order process, at the checkout. Any problems, email


You can find/amend all your subscription details by simply logging into your account and go to ‘my account’. Here you can edit renewal date, change, pause, cancel] your subscription at anytime

Alternatively, email us and we can assist you.

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but if you wish to cancel your plan, you can do so at any time by logging into your account.

See below for our step by step guide on how to cancel online.

Step 1: Log in to your account via the website by clicking ‘the person icon’ from the main menu.

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Step 3: Select the plan you wish to cancel

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Your plan will be cancelled immediately.

If you have any current orders that have not yet been dispatched and you would prefer to cancel, you can click on ‘Orders’ where you will see the option to cancel and refund any current orders.

Any questions email


There are several ways you can pay for goods. We accept debit and credit cards; Visa, Mastercard and American Express, PayPal and Apple Pay.  

Login to your customer account and go to the ‘manage WABLU plan’ section. Here you can edit your payment card details. Remember to save your changes.

Stripe is our payment partner. You may see Stripe (or a variation of Stripe) on your card within the first 24 hours of placing an order. Thereafter, WABLU should appear on the statement instead.

Check your payment details are entered correctly and that the registered address for your card matches the one entered on the system.

It might be our payment provider, so any further problems please get in touch at

Login to your customer account and select order history to review all past payments.

The money is debited directly via our payment providers. This usually happens automatically. 


Single envelope packs to UK addresses cost £1.95 for standard Royal Mail shipping.

Bundles or multiple packs to UK addresses cost £3.95 for stand Royal Mail Shipping or £5 for express delivery

Orders over £20 are eligible for free delivery within the UK. Shipping costs are calculated based on the final order size and weight.

All our packages are sent Royal Mail 48 until otherwise selected. Delivery should be within 2-3 working days. 

Our standard 24 packs have been designed as envelopes in order to fit through your letterbox. So great news – you don’t need to be at home. 

The 96 bundle pack is slightly bigger and treated as a parcel, so you may need to nominate a space place or friendly neighbour!

As soon as your package is sent to you, you will receive a tracking number from our courier provider, with which you can track your package. 

Oh no… If your order has not arrived within the extended timescales given, please contact us here so we can help you further –

Please be sure that you have checked with other members of your household first – most of our orders are packaged especially so they can fit through a standard sized letterbox, along with your regular mail delivery.


If you would like a refund or exchange, you must email us within 7 days of receiving the goods to qualify and return the item within 14 days of delivery. Unless an item is faulty, the cost of returning the goods is the customer’s responsibility. Goods must be returned unopened, unused, undamaged and in original packaging, then we can issue a full refund. Full details can be found in our T&Cs.

Get in touch via

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Please note – It’s important that you retain proof of postage, without this we are unable to refund your order should it get lost/misplaced during transit. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

To return a product please send to:

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Hopefully it won’t be. But on the odd occasion it arrives  with something missing, please contact our customer support via email

Together we will find a solution!


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