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We are a UK based startup dedicated to finding sustainable cleaning solutions that are better for you, your family and our planet. 

Our products aim for the right balance between science, cleaning power, respect for the environment and affordability.

Why Choose Wablu Laundry Sheets?

Designed by industry experts with over 50 years combined laundry expertise, driven by a passion of a more sustainable future which is better for the environment. You are in very safe hands.


Unleash the Power of Nature

Our laundry sheets are powered by a unique blend of natural enzymes, providing a gentle yet effective clean that’s kind to you and your clothes. 🌿✨

Our unique formulas are really effective. They have been developed to compete with the biggest brands on the market, but so much better for you, your clothes and our planet. 


Convenience at Its Finest

Say goodbye heavy detergent bottles or measuring out liquid or powder. Our small and mighty sheets are compact, lightweight and easy to use. They dissolve instantly in water, leaving nothing behind! No microplastics 💦🧺

Sustainability Champions

We’re committed to eliminating single-use plastic and reducing waste. Our sheets come in sustainable, plastic-free, recyclable packaging. ♻️

 Due to their compact size, you save CO2 emissions in reduced transport volume. One pallet of our laundry sheets is equal to almost a full truck load of conventional laundry detergents ♻️

WE are on a journey...

We are trying to make our product more Eco friendly and cost effective. Our mission is to create the most sustainable, natural product that is easier for you and better for the environment.

It’s time to shake up the industry that hasn’t changed in over 20 years. 

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