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Student Laundry 101: Tips for Freshers and Seasoned Laundry Warriors.

Starting university is an exciting chapter in your life filled with newfound independence, adventures, and of course, laundry. Whether you’re an experienced laundry warrior or a complete novice, handling laundry at university can be a daunting task. But fear not! WABLU is here to guide you through washing clothes at university, with some handy laundry tips and insights – Student Laundry 101!

Tip 1: Sort Laundry Like a Pro

One of the golden rules of successful laundry is proper sorting. Separate your clothes by colour; whites, colours, and darks to prevent colour bleeding. If you have some extra time (and can be bothered), consider sorting by fabric type and wash care labels for optimal results.

Tip 2: Read the Labels

Before you toss your favourite hoodie or little black dress into the washing machine, take a moment to read the care labels. They provide essential information on temperature settings and drying instructions. Ignoring these labels could lead to unintentional wardrobe malfunctions! Thankfully laundry sheets work at all temperatures (20- 60 degrees)

Top tips: Unbutton clothes, especially shirts to prevent tearing. Empty those pockets. If in doubt wash on a cold wash to prevent shrinking.

Tip 3: Master the Art of Stain Removal

University life is full of unexpected adventures, and sometimes that results in stains. WABLU laundry sheets are here to save the day with their high concentration of enzymes. These natural enzymes are great at removing dirt but also gentle on your skin and clothes. From coffee spills to mysterious dorm room mishaps, WABLU’s got you covered! For extra tips read our blog ‘How to remove stains naturally’

Top tip: Ask around for advise, it’s surprising the methods some people use.

Tip 4: Efficient Packaging is Key

Halls of resident rooms are notoriously limited on space. To optimize your space, invest in collapsible laundry baskets that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. And don’t forget to stock up on compactly designed WABLU laundry detergent sheets; which take up minimal space and and lightweight.

Tip 5: Time Your Laundry Wisely

You maybe be sharing a washing machine and/or using a Laundromat. Managing your laundry schedule is crucial, especially during peak laundry times at university. Avoid the Sunday evening rush by doing your laundry during off-peak hours. This way, you’ll have access to machines and can finish your laundry faster.

Tip 6: Dry with Care

The most cost effective (and eco-conscious) method for drying clothes is on the washing line, but this requires good weather! Not always guaranteed in the UK but even cold breezy weather is . So make sure you invest in a Clothes airer. And when drying clothes indoors, make sure you have good ventilation (open a window) to let the water out!

If you’re using communal dryers, ensure you clean the lint filter (where the dust collects) before and after each use. Overloading the dryer can lead to longer drying times and wrinkled clothes. Consider investing in wool dryer balls to speed up drying times and save you money! Check out our blog ‘Air-drying vs. Tumble’

Tip 7: Embrace Eco-Friendly Solutions

In an age where sustainability matters, make Eco-friendly choices with your laundry routine. WABLU laundry sheets are a prime example. Their plastic-free packaging and natural enzymes make them an environmentally conscious choice. By using WABLU, you’re making a small change that contributes to a greener planet.

Going to University is the beginning of so many life experiences, and laundry is just one of them. With the right laundry tips, like sorting, a good detergent, and embracing sustainable solutions like WABLU laundry sheets, you’ll conquer your laundry with confidence. Remember, WABLU has the highest concentration of enzymes for a reason – because when it comes to laundry, we’ve got the expertise!

So, go ahead, rock your university life, and let your laundry be the least of your worries. Happy washing! Remember to tag us on socials ( we’d love to see how you’re getting on!

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