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How to wash black clothes without fading

Black clothes are a wardrobe staple – timeless, chic, and versatile. However, over time, black clothes tend to fade, especially when washing, and keeping them looking good for longer can be a real struggle. Learning how to wash black clothes without fading doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds!

Mastering the art of washing dark, especially black, clothes to preserve their colour could be achieved by adopting some best practises and even switching laundry detergents. Yes really! What you wash your clothes with, your laundry detergent, could be the reason behind your colours, especially black clothes, fading.

Here’s some best practices for how to wash black clothes without fading:

  • Always separate your laundry: Washing black clothes separately helps to prevent colour bleeding from other garments. No one like grey whites!!
  • Turn garments inside out: This helps to preserve the outer layer; colour run and minimise friction during the wash.
  • Cool wash: Like with stains, hot water can speed up colour loss and transfer. Switch to cold washes to protect your black clothes. Plus, you get to save energy at the same time! Double win!
  • Short wash cycles: By choosing shorter wash cycles you minimise the length of time your clothes are subjected to detergent and water.
  • Air dry when possible: Heat from the dryer can contribute to fading. Air-dry your black clothes to maintain their darkness.
  • Check your laundry detergent: Optical brighteners and bleach will affect your black colour.

Let’s unravel the secrets to washing black clothes to prolong the life of your clothes and help you save money…

Choosing the right detergent to prevent colour fade in black clothes:

  • Say no to optical brighteners: Found mostly in traditional detergents, optical brighteners are chemicals added to some detergents to make fabrics appear brighter. Whilst this might be great for whites, it can cause blacks to fade faster.
  • Banish bleach: Bleach is a definite no-no for black (or dark) clothes, but you’ll be surprised at how many traditional detergents contain it. Bleach not only fades the colour but weakens the fabric over time, it’s also extremely bad for the environment, especially our water ways. But that’s a whole other article!
  • Switch to WABLU laundry sheets: Traditional detergents can contain harsh chemicals that contribute to fading. WABLU Laundry Sheets harness the power of natural enzymes to break down stains without compromising your clothes. the formulation is free from optical brighteners, bleach and preservatives. 100% better for you, your clothes, and our planet.

By following these recommendations and choosing the right detergent, you can help keep your black clothes black for longer. Fade-free washing is achievable with WABLU laundry sheets.

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