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How to dry clothes indoors in winter

Autumn is here! Which means less daylight, cold damp days. Figuring out how to dry clothes indoors in winter when it’s chilly or wet outside is tricky. There are lots of things to consider, all of which make drying clothes indoors in winter slow and time consuming. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you dry your laundry indoors over the long winter months. 

  • Placement: This might sound trivial but choosing a well-ventilated area in your home, preferably near a heat source like a radiator or a sunny south facing window can make all the difference. Good airflow helps moisture evaporate faster, so keep a window open if possible to let all that damp air escape! Better still if it is sunny, hang the clothes outside … it’s might take longer but it well work and it’s free!
  • Invest in Drying Racks: Clothes hanging over radiators is not a good look! Quality drying racks with ample space between bars allow for better air circulation around your clothes, are the way to go. They’re an essential tool for indoor drying. If you can afford to, a heated airer is quick and efficient. They also save on tumble dryer costs, a bit like laundry sheets, heated airers are game changing! 
  • Hangers: Hanging clothes straight onto hangers and place on curtain rails, remember hot air rises, plus you’re giving maximum air flow to all areas of the drying fabric. Saving you drying time! (Especially great for jumpers that take longer to dry)
  • Use a Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier massively reduces indoor humidity, accelerating the drying process. It’s an excellent investment for the winter months. The cost here is electricity, but considerably cheaper than a tumble dryer, and has the added benefit of reducing damp patches in your home! 
  • Ceiling Fans: should you have ceiling fans in your house, use them! Set on low speed, will increase the air-flow and help circulate warm air downwards, helping clothes to dry quicker.

Benefits of Avoiding the Tumble Dryer:

  • Save Money: Tumble dryers cost money and contribute significantly to your energy bills. With the cost of energy bills being ridiculous at the moment, anything we can do to reduce them is great! Drying clothes indoors, naturally, using free resources like sunlight and room temperature, will lead to substantial savings 🙌
  • Save our Planet: Tumble dryers are energy hogs. By drying clothes indoors, especially during the winter, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Our planet can’t afford for us to keep using them. Read more about Is air-drying clothes better?
  1. Clothes last longer: Excessive heat in tumble dryers can cause wear and tear on your clothes, not to mention all the movement. Air drying indoors is gentler on fabrics and helps prolong their lifespan. Meaning it can save you money in the long run.

And there you have it! WABLU’s tips for how to dry clothes indoors during winter. It’s time to avoid the energy-intensive, money draining tumble dryer… save money and reduce your environmental impact all whilst extending the life of your clothes! All you need is a little will-power and patience!

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