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Clean clothes, clean conscience.

If you’re still using liquid, powders, or pods in your washing machine, we’ve got great news for you: WABLU laundry sheets allow you to wash your clothes better and more gently than ever before!

Laundry is a real issue for Eco-conscious homeowners. Did you know that up to 90% of some laundry detergents is simply water? Think of all the unnecessary transportation, co2 emissions and packaging! And then of course there’s the issue of what the pods are made from (if you haven’t ever thought about that, we bet you are now!). You know, the ones that often don’t dissolve properly and are sometimes left clinging to your clothes? They’re made from plastic. And what about all those plastic bottles and tubs that the detergents come in – we can’t recycle them … so they end up in landfill.

We say it’s time to take action… Let’s shake up an industry that hasn’t changed in over 20 years. Let’s focus on what’s better for us, our clothes … and you guessed it… OUR planet!

WABLU laundry sheets are small yet mighty. Weighing in at just 4g, they pack a concentrated punch that leaves your laundry clean and fresh-smelling. No unnecessary fillers, water, or harmful chemicals. Instead, they use natural enzymes to get rid of dirt without the aid of bleach, preservatives, or parabens.

And don’t worry – we’ve made sure your laundry still smells amazing. With a choice of Spring Florals or Very Berry, our small sheets leave your clothes smelling so fresh, you’ll want to snuggle up in them! And yes – because we know laundry and we know our customers, we also have a Sensitive version which is Fragrance Free and hypoallergenic, perfect for newborns.

Laundry detergent that is good for you, your clothes and 100% better for the environment. Welcome to WABLU! Clean your clothes with a clean conscience. #cleaningdoesnthavetobedirty

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