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5 ways to make your laundry eco-friendlier

1. Wash at low temperatures

When it comes to reducing your impact on the environment, every degree in lowering the temperature counts. Better still, your clothes and your wallet will thank you.

With advances in laundry formulations, effective washing is now achievable at temperatures as low as 20°C! By washing at this temperature, you will reduce the wear on the fabric, keeping your clothes looking better for longer.

2. Use laundry detergents that use plastic-free packaging

Plastic packaging is our pet hate. The more we can do as a community to eradicate it, the better. This applies to all consumer goods!

On average a UK household will buy 15 cleaning/laundry detergents in plastic containers per annum. Since the laundry detergent market accounts for more than 40% of the home care market any switch away from conventional laundry detergents will make a positive impact on the environment.

Replacing plastic packaging for reusable, recyclable packaging reduces your carbon footprint and is better for the environment. Look for ways to reuse your packaging; plan your purchasing schedule by just ordering refills and reduce packaging nearly completely.

3. Use concentrates with minimum water content

Concentrates let you experience the best part of the detergent whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Transportation of laundry detergents concentrates reduce costs and reduce CO2 emissions by taking up less space and being lighter than conventional ready to use laundry detergents.

4. Use laundry detergents that will not give rise to overdosing or spillages

When it comes to laundry, less is more. The more you use, the more plastic bottles going to landfills or recycling, more water and energy used, and the more detergent you have to buy! Your wallet will thank you for using the correct amount for the size of the load. You don’t want to wash your money down the drain?

5. Optimise your laundry schedule

Think about material as well as colour when sorting your laundry. Only wash on a full load. Running two separate half loads of washing will use more energy, water and detergent than a single full load.

Just a little gesture to the planet at home can really make an impact on our planet. What change are you going to make?

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