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8 tips for a sustainable Christmas

The festive season is in full swing (the kids are very excited) – It’s a time to meet family, friends and share in Christmas joy, laughter, and creating memories.. It’s also a time of excess waste, unwanted gifts, and heaps of discarded wrapping paper. This year, let’s really think about how we can put our planet and our well-being first and work towards a more sustainable Christmas. Here’s a few sustainable Christmas tips to get you started.

1. Choose a Gift That Lasts:

Making memories at Christmas is so much more than giving a present for the sake of it. In the spirit of ‘collecting memories, not things,’ consider gifts with purpose and meaning. A meal out, a adventure or something for the kids – Panto. Something you can do together and treasure forever.

2. Alternative Christmas Trees:

There are a few sustainable alternatives you can consider: Rent a tree, re-purpose a tree, buy second-hand tree, potted trees! Forestry England offer tips on choosing Eco-friendly real trees and making the most of artificial ones, this way we can all ensure our festive centerpieces are as green as possible.

3. Embrace Handmade:

It’s time to get creative. Literally! Handmade cards, crackers, and decorations. It’s the perfect activity to do with kids and guess what – you might enjoy it. Plus, you’ll make Christmas memories that the kids will talk about forever 🥰.

4. Second-Hand Treasures:

Preloved isn’t just a trend it’s a lifestyle. It always amazes me what get be discovered in charity store and second-hand shops. Christmas jumpers are worn for a couple of days a year, why not try second-hand first?

5. Wrap presents Sustainably:

If you only change one thing this Christmas, let’s break free from the glitter and plastic. Recyclable paper, Eco friendly tape is readily available, or use string to hold your parcel together. Better still, start practising your Furoshiki wrapping. It’s really pretty and planet friendly.

6. LED Lights:

Switch to energy-efficient LED lights and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80%. Plus, they last up to 25% longer. It’s a worthwhile investment given energy bills right now. A happy family and a happy wallet – the perfect Christmas duo!

7. E-Cards or Plantable Cards:

The perfect way to reduce waste is to send e-cards or choose seeded, plantable cards made from recycled materials. Plus, you give them the gift of a watching your message grow. Thoughtful and considerate.

8. One Big Present for All:

Love and friendship. Ditch the annoying Secret Santa gifts and consider one meaningful present for the entire family or friendship group. Create lasting memories with a gift everyone can enjoy together. Start some new Christmas traditions!

We hope our sustainable Christmas tips have inspired you to make a difference this year. Remember that the heart of Christmas is the people we share it with. Support the local community, check on your lonely neighbour, see family and friends, go for a long walk and simply enjoy each other’s company.

However you spend Christmas, here at WABLU we just want to wish you a sustainable Christmas filled with love, laughter, and family.  Merry Christmas!

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